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Fire and Water Pump Application

Not just fire fighting but a reliable help in emergency

In spite of installed fire pumps, several locations, be they industrial complexes, manufacturing facilities, multi-storeyed buildings, storage warehouses, godowns, theatres, shopping complexes, etc. are unable to attend to fire emergencies due to any one of the following reasons

  • Electricals = Cables / Panels damage during fire & prevent the pump from starting.
  • Pumps are not well maintained & fail to start during the fire emergencies.
  • Plain diesel fire pump may even start, but not run long enough in fire emergencies due to lack of fresh air (exhaust & blower fans may not work).
  • The pump room area is dark, not well lit up and not accessible.
  • Emergency lights, fire lifts etc. do not work.

PLURODRIVE is a perfect answer to the above woes.

Sets are available in different configurations up to 1100 BHp.

Following will throw more light on the PLURODRIVE fire pump sets. However, for any further information please feel free to contact us.

We have developed a multi possibility power transmission device –PLURODRIVE, One can run a fire pump and/or a power alternator independently by the PLURODRIVE with a single diesel engine.

The combined set (i.e. Fire pump cum DG set connected through PLURODRIVE) will have several obvious advantages, over dedicated generating sets or dedicated fire pumpsets.

Working of a generating set is directly reflected on production, comfort and many plant activities. Obviously, the set which is generating power gets proper attention on a day to day basis and is always well maintained! We decided to impart upon the fire pump this inherent quality of the power generator, so combined a power generator to the fire pump.

Because of the PLURODRIVE and Power alternator attached to the diesel engine, the diesel engine is kept in good running condition. It is thus always ready to perform its main function as a fire fighting unit.

The attendants and staff are also more familiar with the running and starting behavior of the engine and thus will be able to start it more quickly in a fire emergency.

Diesel Engine Driven Pump with Power Alternator

Apart from the above reliability factor it is obvious that the combined set has following advantages

  • Lower capital cost
  • Space saving, all in one room or a single trolley or base.
  • Lower spares cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower installation cost
  • When the set is run for periodic trial and test, one is also generating power, this power can be utilized and engine rating also gets tested. If one works out the cost saving in this system one realizes that within a couple of years one will get one’s return on investment apart from the additional plus point of reliability. In dedicated fire pumps one is spending on diesel, lube oil and water with no productive output while performing periodic trials.
  • The PLURODRIVE Sim-alt set not only gives water for fire fighting but also useful electricity for emergency supplies.

We have supplied PLURODRIVE sets for various applications to a number of prestigious clients and are sure that this product will be of immense use to any organization.


  • Some sample set specifications are indicated for your kind perusal.
  • We have an entire range from 25 KVA to 800 KVA and different types / sizes of fire pumps.

Following is a sample specification of a 133 Hp.[100KVA] PLURODRIVE fire pump set. We have an entire range from 25 to 1100 Hp.

Cost/benefit analysis, when one installs an alternator along with fire pump, is briefly shown herewith.



Mather & Platt / Kirloskar /Best & Cromton/ reputed make
Horizontal centrifugal
108M3/Hr at 120 mts. head
Material of Construction
As required.


with Engine manufacturer's panel.

Kirloskar /Greaves/Mahindra/Cummins/ reputed make, Approx 133 Hp.


1500/1800 RPM, 0.8pf, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 415V/440V foot mounted
Crompton /Marathon/Kirlloskar/Stanford/reputed makes.


Rotary power transmission unit with coupling.


Pump, Diesel engine, Alternator and Drive as mentioned above, M. S. Fabricated base plate for mounting all above and Control panel for alternator. One can now run the equipment as under

Option 1

Run Pump with the engine to get 108 M3/Hr at 120 mts. head. Simultaneously, one can also get about 30 KVA power from the alternator with the pump working at 108 M3/Hr at 120 mts. head.

Thus when there is a fire emergency, one can also have the facility of running emergency lights and other emergency equipment as required i.e. a one point emergency response. The power output during fire emergency is 30 KVA for the above set. However, the same can be increased or decreased as per specific need and engine, pump and alternator ratings can be changed accordingly.

Option 2

Pump to give 108 M3/Hr at 120 mts. head when alternator is idle

Option 3

Run only engine and both the driven equipments are idle. This is a distinct advantage offered by PLURODRIVE facilitating easy checking of the equipments, before / after maintenance.

Option 4

Alternator to give 100 KVA power when pump is idle

Note : Genset Power ratings are as per IS10002 / BS5514

P.S. : Output from alternator in option1 and option 4 will depend upon engine capacity and condition.


  • When one installs any Generator or Diesel Engine, to maintain it in good running condition one has to run the set for about 3.5 hours a week.
  • For the subject pump engine capacity required is 133 HP.
  • In a 133 HP Diesel Engine the fuel cost works out to 3.5 (number of hours per week) x 52 (weeks per year) x 14 (litres of fuel per hour) x Rs. 60 (cost of diesel per liter) = 152,900/= on fuel costs alone.

Apart from this, one spends about Rs. 30,000/= on ;

  • Spares
  • Lube oil
  • Consumables
  • Maintenance and other costs.
    So, the yearly spending is approximately Rs. 182,900/=

This is an expenditure with no return.

If one attaches 100 KVA alternator to the engine then one is getting productive output apart from the additional facility created and the reliability factor.

Note: The information on fuel consumption, fuel cost, number of running hours, engine HP, etc. given herein and above is based on current data of some reputed engine manufacturer, current prices, our experience and is only indicative. Please verify from Your sources, actual figures will vary depending upon usage, site conditions, etc. Fuel consumption is for 75% of engine loading.

Some set specifications using PLURODRIVE for running a water pumpset and (or) power alternator by a diesel engine are shown herewith.

Fire Pump


Diesel Engine

Air-cooled or Water cooled Diesel Engine depending upon the power requirement.




  • Discharge from 20 M3/Hr to 1500 M3/Hr.
  • Pressure ranging from 1.5 kg/cm2 upto 18 kg/cm2
  • Type - Horizontal Centrifugal or centripetal or Multistage Multioutlet.
  • Material of Construction: CI / Bronze / SS, Shaft - SS / EN8,
  • Sealing - Gland / Mechanical Seal

Power Alternator [P.A.]

Slipring / Brushless type, Screen protected drip proof, Double Ball Bearings, 1500 RPM, 50 Hz, 40 Deg. Amb. Temp. 0.8pf, (1800 RPM for 60Hz) Horizontal foot mounted.
Single phase
3 KVA to 25 KVA, Three Phase - 7.5 KVA to 1000 KVA

Reputed make equipments can be incorporated into the system.


Fire Pump Texting

In this arrangement, both alternate use and simultaneous use is possible.

Alternate use

Example in 19 (table below), 78 HP engine drives the pump to deliver 84 m3/hr v/s. 70mts. OR drives the alternator to give 60 KVA power.

Simultaneous use

78 HP engine drives the pump to deliver 84 m3/hr v/s. 70 mts. AND drives the 60 KVA power alternator to give 30 KVA (figures in bracket).

Sr. No. HP m3/hr mts. KVA (*)
1 33 320 12 25(7)
2 33 325 14.5 25(3)
3 33 367 11 25(5)
4 47 376 19.5 35(6)
5 58 427 20 45(10)
6 68 330 38 50(3)
7 49 256 34 35(2.5)
8 33 162 25 25(9)
9 33 130 33 25(5)
10 33 60 70 25(2.5)
11 47 97 48 35(12)
12 47 73 56 35(3)
13 48 116 45 35(12)
14 33 70 62 25(1.5-2)
15 48 182 42 35(4.5)
16 48 183 45 35(2)
17 182 450 70 140(20)
18 66 70 62 50(29)
19 78 84 70 60(30)
20 83 97 70 63(30)
21 85 120 70 55 (25)
22 90 108 75 75(30)
23 114 144 88 82.5(31)
24 128 108 135 100(30)
25 120 144 95 90(32)
26 128 144 105 100(31)
27 150 144 135 110(30)
28 223 144 190 170(40)
29 76 97 56 55(31)
30 96 137 70 75(30)
31 120 171 70 90(37)
32 145 171 120 110 (10)
33 165 273 70 125(38)
34 173 273 88 125(28)
35 182 171 160 140 (22)
36 200 410 70 140(28)
37 220 410 88 160 (30)
38 260 410 105 200 (30)
39 330 615 88 250 (30)
40 385 615 105 300 (35)

Engine RPM will be generally 1800plus, P. A. = POWER ALTERNATOR

(*) KVA available in simultaneous use but will depend on engine, pump detail specification and will be conveyed along with detailed offer.

Can also supply with multi stage multi outlet Pumps.

All the above Permutations / Combinations are various possibilities and the set can be built depending upon your requirement. Set specifications will be given after hearing about Your requirement, please inquire giving details such as

  • Power required in simultaneous use and /or alternate use.
  • Pump head and capacity required.
  • Set to be used in simultaneous and (or) alternate operation.
  • We have an entire range from 25 to 1100 Hp., covering practically all fire and water pump duties.

NOTE: All figures / values given in above tables are based on the information given by Pump, Engine and Alternator manufacturers and are not binding on us.

Due to continuous developments the above information is subject to change.

Following is a very brief list of our esteemed customers that have experienced the benefits of PLURODRIVE.

  • Aggarwal Construction Co.
  • Aarti Industries Ltd., Tarapur.
  • A.P.M.C. , Hingoli, Maharashtra
  • Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.
  • D.S.Kulkarni Ltd., Colaba, Mumbai
  • Bee- Am Chemicals Ltd., Khopoli
  • Filler India Pvt. Ltd., Wada
  • Fire Pro System Engg., Chandigarh
  • Garrison Engineer, MES, Nagpur
  • Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.
  • Hindustan Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hindustan Domestic Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
  • Khetiwadi Utpann Bazar Samiti, Botad
  • Khetiwadi Utpann Bazar Samiti, Jasdhan
  • KhetiwadiUtpann BazarSamiti, Wankaner
  • L. P. Gas Engineers
  • Mundra Port (Adani Project)
  • Mittal Petro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Natural Gas Co. Ltd.
  • Om Vikas C.H.S. Ltd., Walkeshwar, Mumbai
  • Punjab Mandi Board.
  • Papusha Gases (I) Ltd.
  • Pushpa Petroleum Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • Raj Shipping
  • Reliance, for Nathdwara Temple Trust
  • Star Gas Bottling, Rajamundhry.
  • Safecons, Hyderabad
  • Aquaplant Equipments (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  • A.P.M.C. , Sindy, Maharashtra
  • Ajanta Pharma Ltd.
  • Globe Gas Equipments, Mumbai
  • Gas Projects, Mumbai.
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd. [ECC Division]
  • Modern Agencies, Punjab
  • Modern Agencies, Chandigarh
  • Mazagon Dock Ltd., Mumbai 10
  • Mumbai Municipal Corporation
  • Onyx Engineering Company
  • Patel Engineering Ltd.
  • Parshwanath Petrochem Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ruby Mills Ltd.
Fire Pump with Generator