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Reciprocating Pumps

High pressure Reciprocating pumps/ Piston Pumps


0.5 m3 per hour to 100 m3 per hour.
Upto 20,000 psi [1,400kgs/cm2].
Upto 1500rpm.
outlet size 12mm to 100 mm.
Input Power
Diesel or Petrol Engine.
Electric Motor
Three phase or Single phase.
50 or 60 Hz.
From a wide range of input voltages from 110/220/300/400/440/500 Volts.

Pumps can be self priming upto 7 mts.

Features of Reciprocating Pumps

Piston Pump
  • Single, double or triple pistons. [triplex pumps]
  • Working parts of various different metallurgy such as SS, Bronze, Duplex, CI, etc.
  • Max Temperature - 200° C.

PUMP FEATURES for special and rugged applications

Piston Pump Suppliers
  • Heavy duty for continuous application
  • Various different lubrication methods.
  • Optional sealing arrangements
  • Continuous duty.
  • With Gear Box or Belt driven.

Prime movers

Electric Motor/ Diesel Engine/ Petrol Engine.


  • Water jetting
  • High pressure cleaning[hydro jet cleaning].
  • Pressure testing of pipe line and pressure vessels.
  • Process applications
  • Seal Cooling
  • Cleaning of the ship’s hull.
  • Vehicle washing
  • Construction and mining.
  • Offshore.
  • Boiler feed application
  • Concrete cutting by high pressure water.